Who is Cuznbob?

I am Cuznbob (aka Robert Aldrich). I grew up in Michigan with older brothers that rode dirt-bikes, Triumphs, and Harleys. I was hooked at a young age and my mechanical career began by repairing my own dirt bikes and snowmobiles out of the necessity. We did not have money and were a fair distance from any service shops. After High School, I made the decision to make my hobby a career, and set off for the Phoenix campus of Motorcycle Mechanics Institute where I graduated from the the Basic, Advanced, and Harley Davidson programs. Since then I've worked in authorized and aftermarket Harley Davidson shops and authorized BMW dealerships where I attained Master Technician status for both brands and did everything from routine service to installing Turbo's and building custom ground up bikes. I also worked in Germany at 2 different BMW dealerships from 2008-2013. In December 2014 I opened my own shop in Austin, TX.

Cuznbob's Motorcycles
10603 Metric Blvd. #106
Austin, TX 78758